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Vintage and collectors' instruments 1940s-1970s

Wooden Ukuleles

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1950s acoustic electric twin Lapsteel slide guitar. Rellog-Gitona. £500 . Ref: P780G Find out more

1964 Hofner Senator bass guitar. Playing order £695

Ref: P718G

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1950s archtop F hole guitar probably by Framus. Good playing order. £275

Ref: P623G

Violin bass c1961 by Eko, Italy. Playing order. £495

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Shiraki. 1970s electro- acoustic guitar. £350


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Collectable Acrylic Tenor Guitar £65


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Large bodied guitar by Martinez. 69cm string length. £450

Ref: P438G

Belltone "f" hole archtop guitar. Late 1950s. Plays well.


Antoria archtop cutaway. 1950s. £295

Ref :P186G

Hofner Congress archtop circa 1960s. £250

Ref: P185G

Vintage Miniature Guitar (display only) Just 16 inches long. £20

Ref: C339G

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Wooden Ukuleles

An original Harmony ukulele. 1950s. Made in Chicago. Playing order. £95

Ref: P811Gu

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A vintage Aria ukulele circa 1958. Nice sound. £65

Ref: P809Gu

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Contemporary Baritone Uke. Mahogany. Brunswick. £50

Ref: P713Gu

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Piccolo Ukulele. Non-playing item decoration only. £10

Ref: C279Bu

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Baritone vintage ukulele c1950s £65

Ref: P808Gu

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