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Viol. gamba. pochette. frame fiddle. viola d'amore. stroviols. phono fiddle. lions head. eccentric shape fiddle. hardanger. etc.

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19thc Dancing master's pocket fiddle or kit. £950

Ref: P701Vod

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Interesting rebec or pouchette and bow. Possibly Eastern Europe. £250


19thc guitar shaped violin possibly by Chanot. Playing order. £850


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One string Stroviols phono fiddle . good playing order. £250


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19thc German violin with gilt decoration. Playing order. £225


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5 string fiddle "pie-crust" outline. Carved head stock. Good playing order. £575


Russian violin Rigart Rubus 19thc. £395.


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Fretted violin zither c1890. Good order. £350

Ref: P561Vod

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19th c Mittenwald violin with carved lions head finial. £225Ref:P655Vod

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Fake 19th Century Fake Amati Violin


Ref: C252V

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19thc Violin with carved finial. High angular arched back , table. £650 Ref:P605Vod

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19thc eccentric violin shaped bowed zither. £450

Ref: P560Vod

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Viol da Gamba 1955. Germany. Length 100cm. Good condition. £375


Gamba shaped violin. Very good playing order. £195

Ref: P164Vod

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Neon violin sign for display (not a playing violin!) £60


Kit violin. £295


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Guitar Shaped Violin £110

Ref: C226V

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Hardanger fiddle

Please ask.

Old unusual hand made fiddle. Playing order. £225


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Two string fiddle c1900. £275

Ref: P632Vod

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Early 20th c frame, mute violin. £225 SOLD


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Early 20thc 4 string Stroh violin. Good condition. £950. RESERVEDRef:P728Vod

Brass horned One String Fiddle by Howson. £250

Ref: C269Vod

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Viola D'Amore