Returns Policy
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We hope you like your instrument. Every effort is taken to describe items accurately but we understand that on occasions something may not be to your liking.
Any item posted/shipped to you can be returned if you are not satisfied with it provided the following conditions are met:

  • E-mail notification of intention to return is received within 48 hours of receipt
  • The item is despatched back within 5 working days of receipt
  • The item is returned in the same condition as purchased: complete, with no damage or modification
  • Proof of despatch must be available, and tracking/ consignment number provided
  • The sender is responsible for packaging and insurance. 
  • Shipping/ posting/ bank costs (receiving and sending) are not normally refundable.
  • Late dispatch of items returned (on agreement) may  subject to a  minimum 10% handling fee. Items which have been collected in person are not normally returnable unless by agreement. Items returned after 1 months (by agreement only) are regarded as buying back and the refund will be subject to a minimum 20% reduction, not including shipping costs. In any event items collected on approval should be returned within 5 days. A 10% late return /hire fee would be required.
  • Items which we have held in reserve for more than 15 days before payment has been received  should be despatched  back within 48 hours priority (3 day) mail if not required.
  • Please note violin, viola & cello sound posts may get dislodged in transit and may need refitting. As these are only wedged in they are not classed as damage.
  • Instruments are not returnable after the specified time just because the purchaser is unable to learn to play them !!!
  • Items purchased directly (not posted by us) are not included in the above. Only statutary rules apply.

Non-UK purchasers: Please ensure that the package is well marked as returned goods with the original sender documentation in evidence. This is to avoid improper import duty being charged. ( non EEC countries) We reserve the right to reject any package with duty to pay or to deduct the amount from any refund. Items must arrive within 5 days of shipping for  EEC & Europe, 7 days USA & Canada. 10 days elsewhere. There may be a handling fee for late returns if accepted. (minimum 10%). We will not accept returns via the carrier UPS as there have been too many problems with them. From the USA, USPS is OK and cheaper. A cheque in pounds Sterling (GBP) or Bank transfer for the price of the item will be mailed  upon receipt.


Lost items. In the unlikely and very rare event of an item going astray during shipping after leaving us, a full refund will be given.  Before this a claim will be made to the carrier who will investigate, as we will be claiming from them. This must be done before 30 days for international shipping.(28 days to us) Claims after this point will be declared void by the carrier. Trackable shipping is safer, especially during busy periods such as before Christmas). Items sent will only be covered for the amount of  requested value on the documents for international shipping.


Damaged Items: In the event of an instrument arriving damaged ( very few have) we should be notified immediately, pending an insurance claim. The packaging should be retained intact for insurance inspection. Insurance claims are only to the maximum £150 standard cover unless extra has been requested and then only up to the stated value on the package. Returning the item before clearance will void a claim. If a package arrives obviously damaged it should be stated with any signature required. Items received damaged in the UK can be returned after notification. They should be wrapped as sent with the original labels intact and put in another box/wrapping to retain the parcel as it had arrived. A letter should be enclosed stating the damage that occurred in transit.
We will not take responsibility for items requested to be sent to a third party
** In the case of a major fault developing an item can be returned during three months after receipt. No responsibility will be taken for items dropped, misused, left in extreme conditions (heat etc) damaged or altered in any way,  including repairs attempted. Regular service type items such as strings, reeds, pads, bow hair, vellums are not accepted as faults for return. Items should be sent back within 3 working days of fault becoming apparent.

** Old instruments often have a degree of wear and opinions of how playable they may be can vary. One eminent repairer has stated,. "Most instruments can be improved upon even when the best have restored them."  For this reason I will not accept late returns from those who have been given misleading advice. Refunds for any instruments returned after the specified time will be at our discretion and a minimum of 10% handling will be charged. Items return to us because of non delivery due to the recipient not being available will incurr a handling fee.

Please note... many instruments are offered primarily as collectors items including those classed as vintage (pre 1970s) or antique, and are sold as such  and are not usually included in the faults for  returns policy.  Although these might  play, they may have some wear and not necessarily function as a new instrument, although many are better. Some vintage and antique wind instruments and free reed (accordions etc) may be tuned to a slightly higher pitch (their original condition).  Antique and vintage instruments usually have a degree of wear, minor knocks and blemishes to the finish collected over the years. This patina often adds to its interest in many instances. Please take this to be the case. Important repairs etc are usually in the description when apparent.