Antique, vintage and collectors' instruments needing restoration or improvement. Sold at a reasonable price before we've worked on them. Your chance to snap up a bargain and do your own restoration work. This page is under construction so it will keep changing.

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Early 19thc mandola. £100


Ref: P555R



Two Marching Drums, for restoration. £70 the pair or sold separately

Ref: C207D

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19th Century Hammered Dulcimer £95


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Clarinet for Repair. Bakelite, no mouthpiece



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Bowl back mandolin, Pugsli. Catania. £60


Neapolitan mandolin. Needs frets & tuners one side etc. £50

Ref: P557R


Concertina. Anglo 2 row One button missing, 2 notes stuck open. £40 RESERVED

Ref: P558R

Concertina English system 48 button. Needs strapos. 2 notes not working but basically sound.Probably Lachenal. £120 . RESERVED


Two Bodhran type Drums £25

Ref: C212R

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