Instruments Past: New Additions

These are instruments which have been acquired by us but are possibly not yet ready to be displayed on the web site. Prices are estimated and may change.

R. after the price means the instrument is ready for inclusion (photos available).

W. after the price indicates it is now on the web site.


Date Item Description Price
10/01/18 Lute Large lute-guitar with carved, bridge sound hole, and finial RESERVED
. Mandolin Highly decorated Sicillian mandolin c1930s £295 W
. Viol 6 string trable viol of guitar outline 1957 £275
. Violin Early 19thc probably Scottish £295
. Flute Early 20thc 9 key by Raucher £195
. Banjo Jedson Tenor. Birds eye maple rim and resonator. £395 W
. Banjo 7 string fretless c1880. John Alvey Turner RESERVED
03/01/18 Mandolin The "Essex" flat back mandolin. Lost of inlays c1910 £295
. Mandolin Lyre mandolin by Tipaldi Brothers New York. Early 20thc Here soon
. Cornet Silver plated cornet by Besson £75
. Banjo Windsor Whirl plectrum banjo 1930s. £295
. Banjo Seven string fretless. c1880 £225 W


Concertina Gremlin Anglo, C/G, very good condition, with case £465W
18/12/17 Clarinet 19thc boxwood and ivory clarinet. By C.Gerock. London. £275 W
. Violin 19thc violin of guitar outline by TN Black. London 1881 £795 W
. Violin German Strad style c1850 £250 W
. Violin Early 19thc with a beared man finial. £895 W
. Lute Antique 10 string 5 course lute £1500 W
. Dulcimer A rare Hungarian Mid 19thc hammered dulcimer £450 W
21/11/17 Psaltery Plucked £165 W
  Psaltery Hammered £95 W
  Psaltery Plucked, trapezium shaped £195
  Violin One eighth size £65 W
. Guitar circa 1900 parlour guitar. Carved sound hole. £275
. Lute Unusual mandolin style guitar. Peg tuned c1900 W
. Flageolet Bainbridge double flageolet. Boxwood early 19thc. £1750 W
. Harp Dital harp-Lute circa 1815 (Edward Light style) £2100 W
. Zither " Japanese banjo" keyed chordal zither 1920s £95
. Fiddle 9 string Hardanger. Good order £950 R
. Mandolin Clifford Essex Silver medal mandolin. 1930s. Here soon £395
. Flute 19thc Rudall Carte & Co Radcliff model flute £795
. Guitar Harp guitar 6 x 6 strings c1920s £550
..01/08/17 Bandurria 12 string Portuguese £265
. Mandolin Rare french mandolin in Viol da Gamba form £675
. Piccolo 19thc piccolo ivory head joint £110
. whistle 2 note call with tuning slide c1920s £35
. Tuning slide Late 18th century wood tuning slide. graduated £85