Instruments Past: New Additions

These are some of the instruments which have been acquired by us but are possibly not yet ready to be displayed on the web site. Prices are estimated and may change.

R. after the price means the instrument is ready for inclusion (photos available).

W. after the price indicates it is now on the web site.

19/10/18 Parlour
Date Item Description Price
19/10/19 charrango South American with ethnic colourful cover  
  Guitar Baroque style peg tuned guitar. Here soon  
. ukulele Contemporary by Tanglewood. With hard case.  
. Bandurria Spanish short 12 string with gig bag.  
. Violin Russian violin. Rigard Rubus c1850. £295
. violin contemporary European 5 string violin  
. Violin 19thc violin geometric design back purfling.  
. Viola d'amore 14 string D'amore. c1900. Here soon £1850
. banjo 7 string open back banjo.  
. baglama 6 string with case( minature bouzouki)  
. Banjo 5 string c1890. Lyon & Healey. 40 tensioners £365 W
. Banjo Tenor short scale banjo. Carved heel. c1930. Tartini £350 W
. Banjo Guitar banjo. Vintage.  
05/10/19 Violin Austrian Violin labelled Mathias Fichtel. 1750. SOLD
. Violin John Blakey 1892. Nice mellow playing sound. SOLD
. Violin WWI prisoner of war camp violin. Carved headstock £450 W
. Banjo Tonbridgeware fretless minstrel banjo c1850-60. £895 W
. Banjo Early minstrel banjo. Wavy edge pot. c1860. Painted vellum £985
. Zither Violin shaped bowed zither 19thc £350 W
. Lyre Bell harp/lyre 19thc £295 W
. Pipes Northumbrian pipes. Here soon.  
. Fiddle Unsual 19thc mute violin. Here soon. £165
.28/08/19 Harmonica Hohner 6 sided harmonica. £150
. violin 18th century violin. Workshops of Perry. Dublin. plays well. £950
. Fiddle Stroviols one string phono fiddle £250
. Clarinet Mid 19thc ebony clarinet. Ivory mounts. W
. Guitar Framus archtop/electric semi acoustic. c1960 £595
. Cello Mid 19thc German 4/4 cello with case. £775
. Banjo Leevy tenor banjo 1920s. £450
. Concertina Saxon (Germany) anglo system concertina. Good order £125
. Guitar narrow bodied parlour guitar. Carved sound hole. c1900 W
. Guitar 1930s resonator guitar.