Mandolins For Sale

Antique, vintage and collectors' instruments. Mandolin family, mandriola, mandola, mandocello, bouzouki, bandurria, cuatro(when available)

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A rare Harp mandolin, Germany early 20th century. £750

Ref: P619M

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Rare bowl back Gelas double table mandolin 1926. £395 .ref:P605M

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Double table mandolin c1910. £225.


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Bowl Backed Mandolin



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Interestingly Decorated Mandolin, early 20th C. £195


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Early 20thc German Wappen flat back mandolin. £235

Ref: P408M

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Il Globo Neapolitan bowl back mandolin. Low action, playing order. £125

Ref: P585M

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Italian fluted back mandolin labelled Ozzeli. circa 1890. £350

Ref: P582M

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12 string mandriola mandolin. Cassella. Catania. Playing order. £145

Ref: P587M

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Bow back mandolin mid 20thc. Low playing action.


Stridenti, Neapolitan bowl back mandolin. Playing order. £165

Ref: P589M

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Unusual 8 string mandolin in balalika form. £300


Flat Back Mandolin with Case £145


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Flat Back Mandolin, mid 20th C. £65

Ref: C213M

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Round Backed Mandolin £85


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Bowl Back Mandolin JTL £195


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Bowl Back Mandolin, pearl inlays £135


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Bowl back mandolin c1910. Butterfly inlay. Good order. £175


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Antique bowl back inlaid mandolin. £265

Ref: P098M

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Bouzouki, good playing order



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A bowl back MANDOLA. C1890s Giovani De Meglio. £695

Ref: P287M

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Flat back MANDOLA. c1920. £165


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Bowl Back Mandolin, labelled Manzoni, playing order. £95

Ref: C243M

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