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Bass Trombone by Weltklang. Slide moves freely £300

Ref: C321T

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Natural Bass Trumpet £75

Ref: C036T

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"Pea shooter" Trombone. Hawkes & Son. Slide moves well. £150

Ref: C322T

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Trumpet, Startone, good condition. £50

Ref: C265T

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Zenith Trumpet £35


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A rare Cimbasso or contra bass trombone. Circa 1865 by  W. Stowasser Sohnne Graslitz. 4 rotary valves. For restoration. £1000 . SOLD

Ref: Pcimtr

Single Valve Trumpet £45

Ref: C327T

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Four Valve Euphonium Stamped Delacy. Needs overhaul. £75

Ref: C267T

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Tenor Cor. J Thibouville Lamy. Valves move freely. £120

Ref: C323T

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Rotary Valve Trumpet. c 1890 labelled Zimmerman. Leipzig. Valves all move freely. £120

Ref: C324T

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Tibetan dung horn. Brass and copper. £100

Ref: P848T


Besson Prototype Cornet, c. 1860, with case. £95

Ref: C326T

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Bass Bugle, stamped De Prins Gebr £90

Ref: C332T

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Cornett by Monk. £250

Ref: P871T

Besson Prototype Cornet. 1930s £65

Ref: C329T

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Hawkes & Son Cornet, early 20th C. For restoration £45

Ref: C330T

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Baritone Horn, rotary valves for repair. £30

Ref: C331T

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Cornett by Monk. Wooden 2 sections. £195

Ref: P870T