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5 string. Tenor.Zither Banjo. Minstrel. Plectrum etc.

Ukulele Banjos and mandolin banjos

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John Grey Benares 5 string. brass etched pot/resonator. £595

Ref: P617B

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Five String Banjos

John Grey long neck 5 string "Seeger" banjo. 1950s. £225 Ref:P693B . Find out more

Daniels Banjo. playing order


19th c Buckbee five/7 string banjo.


Daniels banjo c1890.



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Five String Banjo by Matthews, peg tuned. £225


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Dallas 5 string archtop banjo. £135


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Open back 5 string 1920s. Plays well. .£195

Ref: P266B

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5 string banjo c1900. Open back.Playing order.


Mastertone banjo. 5 string. Good order. Case. £1450

ref: P757B

Tenor Banjos  

Broadcaster Tenor Banjo. Pearloid finish. 1930s. £275


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GH&S archtop short scale tenor banjo c1940s. £135

Ref: P694B

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Early Tenor Banjo, Zither Body. £195


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Short scale tenor banjo. Closed back. £145 RESERVED


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Tenor Banjo, probably by Framus £150

Ref: C225B

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Jedson standard tenor banjo. Birds eye maple finish. Plays well. Cased. £395




John Grey Tenor Banjo, C. 1930. £350


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c 1915 Orpheum No.1 Short Scale Tenor Banjo £695

Ref: P616B

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Minstrel, Zither and other banjos

Contemporary 1830s pattern "Sweeny" minstrel banjo. £265


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Five String Windsor Zither Banjo £195

Ref: C248B

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A quality 5 string zither banjo Mikado. c 1900.


Traditional Chinese Banjo, Three Strings £80

Ref: C280B

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7 string fretless minstrel banjo. Circa 1870-80 SOLD

19th c Buchanans Improved six string banjo.


Ukulele Banjos

Ukulele Banjo John Grey Dulcetta £80


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Ukulele Banjo £135


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Dallas B. George Formby. signed. £295 .Ref:P384Bu

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Ukulele banjo 1930s. Etched back. £195

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1930s uke banjo. Detachable resonator. £95 Ref:P085Bu

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Dallas B George Formby uke banjo. well preserved. SOLD


Ukulele Banjo £145


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Keech banjulele With original case. £165


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"Sunray" uke banjo 1930s. £265

Ref: P751Bu

Ukulele Banjo labeeled Keech, playing order. £75

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John Grey "Benaries" uke banjo. Good condition. £265

Ref: P753Bu

Mandolin Banjos

Vega" Little Wonder" mandolin banjo . Plays well. £395


Mandolin Banjo, French-made, with back inlaid decoration, £165 . Ref:C298Bm

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