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5 string. tenor. zither banjo. minstrel. plectrum.

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John Grey Benares 5 string. brass etched pot/resonator. £595

Ref: P617B

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Open back 5 string by Graham &Co. /Matthews £225 . Ref:P606B

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c1915 Orpheum No.1 Short Scale Tenor Banjo £695 . Ref:P616B

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Reliance 5 String Banjo c1910. £195

Ref: P610B

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Clifford Essex 5 String Banjo. £500 . RESERVED

Ref: P544B

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1930s English Grimshaw "Grand" 5 string banjo


Broadcaster Tenor Banjo. Pearloid finish. 1930s. £275

Ref: P580B

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Windsor Monarch Supreme Tenor Banjo. £450 Ref: P581B

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5 string banjo 10 tuners !. Plays well.


5 string zither banjo. SOLD

Rare Minstrel banjo c1850. wavy edge pot. Inlaid fingerboard. £450 .Ref:P568B

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Daniels banjo c1890. £395


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Short scale tenor banjo. Closed back. £145.


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contemporary 1830s pattern "Sweeny" minstrel banjo. £265 . Ref:P265B

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Windsor Whirl 5 string banjo.SOLD

Five String Banjo, 1880-90s. £195


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Open back 5 string 1920s £195

Ref: P266B

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Early Tenor Banjo, Zither Body. £195


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Dallas 5 string archtop banjo. £135


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Tenor Banjo, probably by Framus £150

Ref: C225B

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Five String Banjo by Matthews, peg tuned. £225


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12 string banjo. 6 courses of 2. Carved back. Qualty heavy instrument. Case £500.

Ref: P409B

A quality 5 string zither banjo "Mikado". c 1900. £575


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